Hard to Earn 2xLP

Gang Starr



Bundle your Hard to Earn 2xLP with a Very Good Plus Slipmat for $87


A1 Intro (First Step)
A3 Code Of The Streets
A4 Brainstorm
A5 Tonz 'O' Gunz
B1 The Planet
B2 Aiiight Chill...
B3 Speak Ya Clout
C1 Words From The Nutcracker
C2 Mass Appeal
C3 Blowin' Up The Spot
C4 Suckas Need Bodyguards
D1 Now You're Mine
D2 Mostly Tha Voice
D3 F.A.L.A
D4 Comin' For Datazz


  • Runout grooves of authentic pressings have "MASTERDISK" and "SRC" stamp and "TD" signature.
  • Recorded and mixed at D&D Recording, NYC.
  • Mastered at Masterdisk, NYC.

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